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What's a girl to do?

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Spain’s turned out busy, busy.
It started in October with a invite to do a workshop that developed into 3 days, then an invite to a forest garden on Sunday by some guys who came to visit us.
visitors from Spain at Mary's sharing garden

Tonight I have agreed to meet an Architect student at 5 and Wednesday a visit to Madrid university, MMMM that leaves tomorrow morning for the Prado.
It’s raining here, great chunky sloshes of the stuff, I saw a nun get her shoes soaked trying to jump a puddle, a lot of Nuns are rubbish jumpers like me.
I hear in Todmorden the sun is shining and that makes me home sick in the Spanish bedsit.
It’s the time of year the valley gives a huge yawn and starts to limber up. All the buds are swollen on the fruit bushes and worms are getting out and about. I even felt a little warmth in the compost bin.
I can see from face book the activities at the Heritage garden, the aqua garden and the incredible farm.
I am excited by the new folk in town, the folk making art and wondrous happenings, the folk opening restaurants and galleries, the musicians and poets.
No wonder it’s hard to choose where to eat, with pizza and Moroccan, Indian, Chinese and Pakistani food, soul food on the market, Italian, vegan and vegetarian. A town where you can buy a gin with juniper berries floating about.
Cake makers and bakers are getting sucked in, it’s created employment, gossip and competition.
when me and the man-Fred first came you could buy a good cappuccino in one place only, in the day time complete with rainbow flag.
Good things are happening in our town, kind things that go un marked.
We’ve got choirs and bands,
Samba band
weird music stuff and folk.

We have festivals lining up alongside tiny happenings,
parades and carnivals, soon the streets will be filled with ancient dancing

and ears tingling from folk singing, after that there will be more, more, more, because our town is a friendly kind creative town, and Madrid just does not cut the mustard. but I’m sure it will when the sun comes out.

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