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This week, Cub Scouts

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Its been my fourth week as a food inspirer and this weeks highlight for me was the completion of the Cub Scouts Chef badge (we hope to develop this to an IET badge) I was involved in their second week where we made butter from cream, combined with a trip to the health centre apothecary (herb) garden they collected the herbs they liked the smell of to add to their butter creation.
There was lots of shaking going on

and this week we made fresh pasta. The muscles in my arms were aching turning the pasta machine as the cub scouts guided the pasta through. There were lots of inventive shapes and strange looking spaghetti and it all tasted great. I looked round and the pasta we had cooked had disappeared so it must have been good!

The badge presentation is coming soon, the cubs are going to take responsibility for one of the growing beds at the Police Station as Scout Leader John is on the Force. Let the force be with them as they grow, cook and eat more food.

Recipe cards attached for those who want to try… or if you want your local food inspirer to join in your project simply call me on 077121 60600 or click here to send me an email

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