Wickyleeks, growin and doin! 7/2/11

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Its not easy being a leekaholic


I can live without em, honest, but why should I, its not hurting any one, is it? eh? eh?

this lot think its funny!

michael michael and john

Sometimes being blunt isnt good enuff, you just gotta put a point on it. The elegant dungarees will be a la mode before you can say “slack jawed yokel”!
chainsawing points

here’s Michael not laughing but driving the digger, testing the Walsden gateways base bar.
michael testing gateway
having just dug this splendid trench
Looking south
Gerrard and Chris having a nice time in the mud
walsden, gerrard and chris
and back filling the second trench
back filling fence
before being chaps wot do lunch
workers playtime
This FJF team are fantastic workers, the “21st century walled garden” will have a complete fence very soon!
Splendid work team!

(whats that Rasberry Rooster lookin at?)

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