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Here's our January 2011 bulletin.
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turkey for christmas
Frozen local man buys frozen local turkey
pond digging
Pond digging in winter
Campaigning for local food works - These are tough times. Our local Council has just announced its likely programme of expenditure cuts. So it's good to greet the New Year with positive news. We were really pleased to be able to write in one of our articles for this month's Todmorden News about how local farmers and producers have profited from the Incredible Edible initiative. For instance Porcus, formerly Clegg's Eggs, told us: 'Last year we saw a 40% increase in sales as new customers came on board. We were overwhelmed with the warmth and support we received from people – there was a real sense of people wanting to be part of a food revolution and support what is happening in Todmorden.' Go to the local food section of our website for local suppliers, retailers and producers.

Community growing - Yes that picture top left is of John, chair of our community growers' group, buying his Christmas turkey from Jonathan at Staups Lea Farm (they're on the web here). So, what do growers do over the incredible winter? Well, they reflect it on what to do next, for a start, as John does in the article here. The group has been setting its priorities for the coming year, including how to solve problems like occasional vandalism or over-cropping by hungry locals: see the resolutions here. And they've put together a fairly comprehensive seed list which others are very welcome to use.

nick and his metrosexual wheels
Nick and his metrosexual wheels
yummy parsnips
Tod parnsips
Come learn and grow with us - Not that Nick and his digging and growing volunteers have been idle. Even in rainy January there were parsnips to pick. But mainly they're working hard at our construction sites in Walsden and Gorpley, where we're creating, amid the ponds and rabbit-proof fencing, major resources for growing and learning - see the latest growing blogs here and here. We hope to support apprenticeships and other forms of learning on these sites. But we've already set up community growing courses, starting next month, February. Courses include the basics of growing, plus pruning, grafting, healthy growing, domestic herbal medicine, edible fungi, and much more! Full details here. (and here's how they got set up)

From Manchester to Ljubljana - If things go well we might even be sharing some of the lessons we've learned with more friends in Europe. Nataša from Slovenia was here to put together a bid for European funds to help us meet each other (and your editor introduced her to the delights of English ginger beer). But if the Eurocrats say no the word is still spreading. Manchester's transition city is growing by leaps and bounds - remember their 'Eat Your Streets' group was inspired by us. The Wirral has gone Incredible Edible. Now, when your editor lived in Liverpool Wirral was 'over the water'; but from over a wider stretch of water, our Irish friends in Incredible Edible Cloughmills tell us: 'Following on from our visit and newly gained inspiration, we have moved the project forward at a great pace.' They've won a zillion awards and grown a few veg in the process. Read about them here.

Nataša from Slovenia
vegebule orchestra
Tod High School musicians play a new instrument, the vegebule
Green route to the future - We've stuck firmly to our belief that our focus on food is a way everyone can understand some of the big issues facing us and our environment. We keep looking at new angles to tackle. Here's Pam thinking about the bigger picture, there must have been something that got her imagination going in her vegan Christmas dinner. And here is an explanation of our new idea for a green route through Todmorden - a walking route where flowers and edibles, art and ideas, buildings and business, learning and earning can all grow together. Just in case this ever sounds a bit earnest: you may have noticed that we like to have fun doing this too. Just like the High School in their Christmas Incredible Edible orchestra! (Picture by Todmorden High School. Read about it on the Tod News website here)

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