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Here's our February 2011 bulletin.
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turkey for christmas
Todmorden schoolchildren plant town-wide orchard
Parents get stuck in at Ferney Lee
Parents get stuck in at Ferney Lee

Who inspires the inspirers? - That's what our job-sharing paid workers, Debbie and Pauline, are called, 'Food Inspirers'. What are they in turn inspired by? By local schoolchildren for a start. That's why Debbie and Pauline initiated and organized, with the Food for Life Partnership, what we think is Britain's first-ever town-wide school orchard: every school planting apple trees, and new branches of learning, and buds of hope. Parents are involved too. Ferney Lee School offered parents a deal earlier in the month: come and have a free lunch and do some digging (ah, so there is no such thing as a....). Read more about it here.

As far as inspiration goes, we were also reminded this month of the first spark that inspired the whole process that became Incredible Edible Todmorden. That was a talk by Professor Tim Lang back in 2008. He's just written for Big Issue in the North about the need for local food action: and yes, he does give us a favourable mention. More here.

ESOL students learn the language of food-growing
ESOL students learn the language of food-growing
herbie day
Herbie day
The language of food - from Bistort to WickyLeeks - We've been talking the language of food this month with visitors from nearby Rochdale, from the Isle of Wight (where we have high hopes of an Incredible Edible Wight soon if we don't pun on their name too much, all wight?), oh and Myles Bremner boss of Garden Organic - we've got a cunning plan we're cooking up with him. Most of our visitors have to get a little dirty: here (left) are some ESOL students trying out a new language in the trenches of Walsden. Read about them here, and the brilliant work done by the Futures Jobs Fund team from Pennine Housing. Leekaholic Nick reveals all his wicky leek-growing secrets here, and claims he looks trendy in this blog here - reader, you be the judge. Fact is, he and his team(s) are making great progress in transforming a patch of Walsden into a future growing and training centre. Good work Nick!

herb guessing
Guessing herbs at the Swapathon day
Pruning with Clifford Cain
From herbs to webs - Did we mention 'bistort'? It's a local delicacy mentioned in that last blog of Nick's. Was it in Jenny's tough test of herbs at the Healthy Lifestyle Swapathon? Read more here. Bistort certainly doesn't yet appear in our 'Herbs' section but that's a newly-growing thing. Check it out: we have a herbal-in-progress, growing blogs, a beautifully-crafted first herb of the month, coltsfoot, from herbalist Sue Goodwin, together with the story of our apothecary garden behind the Health Centre. That's the location of our Swing into Spring event on March 5th, when we'll be celebrating all things Incredible. All welcome!

Not pruning what we do - The main volunteers involved in IET have been having a bit of a debate about what we do now, and what the future holds. There'll be more details here in a month or two but meanwhile, we've been lax about updating the what we do section of the website. So now it's up to date with new pictures and explanations of our activities, do take a look! While you're there, pop over too to our blogs, they come think and fast, there's a new one from busy woman Mary for instance that was almost too late to mention this month, she's a jam jar millionaire even if the day job's dodgy. And pardon us that we've only just caught up with the New Economics Foundation mentioning us in December in a piece about urban growing.

Tartiflette made with our own Gorpley potatoes
herbilicious dish needed

What we do: pruning, sowing, and other courses - A whole new range of things we've started doing is running courses. Have a look at John's blog about the pruning course with Clifford Cain (there'll be more blogs and articles about our courses this coming month). Check out here the full range of courses still to come. Health Buzz is one that has places left – it's a big blue bus with a mini-gym and cooking facilities where you can learn about healthy eating and plan an exercise routine with the professionals.

Plus we're planning and sowing: time to make plans, get sowing and check in at the Unitarian church, 2pm on the first Sunday in the month, if you're local and around to swap seeds and ideas. Out in the wider world our seeds are still floating on the wind: here's a recent reference to Incredible inspiration from an enthusiastic supporter over in the Channel Islands.

Hey, and we're eating the proceeds. Enjoy the sight of that yummy dish on the left, or make your own potato bread from our recipe. Thanks Christine! Or - see right - think up your own. (Your Editor is still recovering from a Sunday lunch consisting entirely of dishes made from the potato, at Kebs potato day yesterday, sorry, no blog yet, you'll just have to take my word for how excellent it was)

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