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Here's our March 2011 bulletin.
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healthy buzz
On the top deck of the healthy buzz bus

From a healthy buzz to the cut of the knife - Healthy Buzz is the latest of our courses run with Calderdale Adult Learning. Downstairs on the bus is a gym and upstairs you learn all about healthy diets. Full details here. We're involved in quite a range of training now, from working with people in social housing up on the Longfield estate as inspirer Pauline blogs here, to the rediscovery of vital skills like tree pruning - here's John's latest report on a grafting course, vital to propagate apples.

From beeing healthy to the sting of the nettle - And Marilyn's brought us some top tips from the bee inspector. We started the month, however, with a herbilicious day celebrating all things herbie at our Apothecary garden at the back of the Health Centre. There were cooking displays, competitions, and a freezing Pennine wind to remind us all where we are.

cooking at the herbielicious day
Michaela cooking at the Herbilicious day
We were also celebrating a new 'Herbs' section of our website, including background about how the garden was set up and an eloquent herb of the month from herbalist Sue Goodwin - this month's is nettle, and we've even got a nettle soup recipe to match.

Being the water-butt of jokes

From Cyprus to Merthyr via Toronto - Academic and consultant Paul Clarke is such a globe-trotter he's worried about his bees, actually. Read about his talks and travels here. We seem to have been busier than ever on the talks and testimonies trail. Pam's been to Toronto, Mary's been to London and a zillion other places, Nick and Helena have been to Glossop and Martin mere, and even Your Editor got called up for a co-speaking slot in the Wirral. (Blimey they must have been desperate; fortunately inspirer Debbie was on hand to keep him in order)

These are tough times - Mary's latest busy woman blog among her chirpiness reminds us that she's about to lose her Council job; sadly Your Editor's partner is newly redundant too - but we're still proud and positive here about Incredible Edible, working together for all.

Share the land, share the strain - Our friends over at LandShare have been writing about us, if you haven't checked out their site before take a look. Here in Tod we're looking to share the burden and the benefits of a new Green Route through the town, with fellow-organisations like Tod Pride, Tod in Bloom and the Town Council, it was featured in the Tod News. Meanwhile we may manage to give the impression that there are zillions of us, but we're always happy to have more, and in fact we're making a bit of a push for more volunteers, promoted here in Estelle's a retirement less ordinary.

Like ducks to water, or the water-butt of jokes - Yes there's a man under that water-butt to the left. What is he up to? Read here to find out. Well you've got to have a little light relief when you've spent all winter digging in a rabbit-proof fence. It's also something to do with Head Grower Nick spending the fifty quid donation from speaking at the Martin Mere Eco-Fest on poultry and ducks: acquired on a fowl weekend here and bedded in a few days later here. But just take a look at what he and the volunteer growers are achieving out at Walsden in these lovely views.

Our land in Walsden, Todmorden
Our land in Walsden, Todmorden: wider view

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