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July 2011 bulletin.
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this little piggy
Pilka's pigs amid the winter snows
Learning group meets in Poly (tunnel)

This little piggy - This little piggy is one of Pilka's pigs. Yes, darling, that is where bacon comes from: on a local farm last winter. And it's a reminder that being Incredible is about bringing home the bacon - we want to help encourage local farming and business to thrive. Our website's local food section features producers retailers and cafes who provide local food. And our very existence has encouraged visitors to Tod in 'vegetable tourism' - read here about how we're setting a national trend.

At Walsden - it's been a hive of activity throughout July. There’s been busy bankers, a ‘dreaded duckman’, truck tyre plant-a-thons and the first ever school visit – with a warm welcome to students from Meadows School in Littleborough.  Potting cabbages in various composts and making clover wine (alcohol free we stress) was on the curriculum for the day. Beats double Algebra! You can see the Walsden article in its full glory here. Speaking of education, Todmorden High School have something to shout about after storming the Food4Life awards earlier this month and scooping silver. You can read more about the award and what celebrity foodie Stefan Gates had to say here. On the Learning Plate Diana’s blog about the July meeting in the wonderful Walsden poly-tunnel highlights just some of the ways schools will be engaging with the site, including weekly visits from the high school commencing in September. Viva la revolution!

Zut alors, said this French visitor
HSBC bankers give us some bonus time
Say cauliflower cheeeeese?

incredible edibles rossendale
A volunteer at Rossendale
visitors from Bramsche


Just fantastic - TV gardener Chrstine Walkden was impressed by our friends in Incredible Edibles Rossendale: "This is just fantastic, lovely healthy crops, people's spirit when you come through the gates is terrific," she said. "It's great to see people engaged with gardening in a way we may not have done for many years." Read more here about their new community garden. We've been exchanging visits with people on the Wirral this year and now Incredible Edible Hoylake is under way. Maybe Germany could be next? We certainly interested visitors from our twin town Bramsche in the whole idea. And you can see and hear Pam Warhurst passing on the message to Transition Bath here. Gosh, and isn't that her and Mary with some Prince or other? - Charles, they tell us his name is. He mentions us on this video...

New bees at Walsden
Guerilla gardening


The quiet work goes on - Now the buzz about getting Peoples Millions money for local group Bee Credible has died down, the quiet work goes on. At our Walsden site, local enthusiasts have stocked our hives. And our volunteers have planted veg ready for winter, read the blogs here. Back in the town of Todmorden, new guerilla gardeners have set up a raised bed here - where there should be the nice tidy rubble that's proposed to be a new Sainsbury's.

New blood. Every campaign needs new ideas and new blood. Herbalist Sue Goodwin joined us late last year and now helps out in the apothecary garden and adds to the website our excellent herb of the month: read about hedge groundwort, or if you missed last month's feature about Elder, here it is. We welcome new volunteers: local egg enthusiasts are our latest call-out.. And you don't always have to get your hands dirty: here at Newsletter HQ Natalie is a new co-editor of these very words, and creator of the pdf printable version that will soon be on the website. Welcome Natalie!

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