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August 2011 bulletin.
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does my butt look big in this
Haven workers show off their
big butts outside college
natasa with spuds
Natasa in Slovenia

We love big butts -
Well, over at Todmorden College, Yorkshire Water donated several water butts to collect water falling onto the college roof in dry spells.  See in the blog how Estelle cursed our weather by writing 'Dare I say all we need now is some rain to fill them up.' Has there been a dry day since? (OK that's no favours from Estelle for Your Editors for a month)

Sustainability through food, Europe-wide- It's stuff like this that means we're featured by people like Green October (read about it here) - because we're promoting sustainability through the language of food and growing. Next month, September, Todmorden is hosting an international meeting of small-scale local growing and food projects from across Europe - from Germany, Ireland, France, Hungary, and Slovenia - as outlined here. We've been given a little European Union money to meet up a few times, share knowledge and spread the word. Our Nick and Helena have visited Natasa the Slovenian organiser on their holidays (read about their trip here). (Oh, and check out Nick's new farmer hero here)

Tod talks
forthcoming harvest festival


Tod Talks and Harvest Festival - The European visitors will be be joining in our amazing weekend on 24/25 September, all explained in the posters to left and right. Find full details and full-sized posters on the website here. The twenty-plus Incredible Edibles all around Britain are all invited, together with anyone interested. We'll meet on Saturday afternoon - have our talks on Saturday night - and enjoy our harvest festival on Sunday.

Come dine with us - You know how keen we are on eduk8shun - just kidding folks just kidding. (Txt spk u kno) Our work with schools goes on - our Walsden project will be a centre for learning - but we're also plugged into lifelong learning. What's this or that plant? How do I cook kale? How do I even get started?

At the harvest festival we're launching 'Come dine with us' with money from the Adult and Community leanring Fund. We'll be putting on some fabulous events all over town between September and March which will be free to anyone. There'll be cooking demonstration and taster sessions in a variety of friendly venues including local pubs, churches and community sites; sausage making sessions on the market; smoothie making at the sports centre; visits to local farms, brewers and bakers to name but a few. There'll also be practical, hands on sessions about growing food, grafting trees and even planting a community nut wood. More here.

tidying up
IET volunteer tidying up at the station
Painting the hoarding green
Yummy home-made cakes at the canal open day

flowering veg and prickly cucmber
Flowering veg and prickly cucmber at Walsden
staff of life
from field to plate


We're painting the town - green - What's to be done on various vacant sites in Todmorden? Paul speculates here, now that Sainsbury's planning application fell at the first hurdle (though we hear there might be an appeal). Whatever happens, we're committed to improving how Todmorden looks to its visitors and its residents: from tidying up our own sites, to helping plan the new Green Route (and putting in new edible planters along it), to joining in with the great daytime event to launch the canal towpath improvements. There were home-made cakes, children had the chance to make a ‘bug hotel’ and even the mayor dropped in for a visit. Plus we've painted the wooden hoardings next to the indoor market a lovely green colour, making them much more pleasant to the eye, alongside even more planters (Todmorden-made!).

From field to plate - Kale is now ripe and ready to pick in the train station planters. Why not substitute for cabbage in a tasty stir fry treat? Lots of our produce has been ready, and with Nick away new people have been working on it - and blogging about it. Not only did Jenny bake those cakes in the picture, she blogged about tidying around town - and can often be seen with trowel in hand! Sarah has been helping us organise our volunteers better, and volunteers herself, both growing and blogging: she reports from walsden here on spuds, broad beans and leeks, and here on all the flowering vegetables that make our polytunnels smell like Kew Gardens. Not only do they flower, flower: they're tasty too, Sarah's just delivered that box to Tim at the Staff of Life for cooking in the pub kitchen.

Meanwhile, above us on the moors, it's sad that summer is ending but it means the heather is wonderful: herbalist Sue Goodwin makes it her herb of the month. Have some heather tea or ale and think of us :)

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