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Here's our August 2009 bulletin.
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THE GLORY OF SUMMER GARDENS - Our campaigning goes on: lots of news below.  But take a few moments first of all to admire some of the pictures our volunteers, supporters and friends have been sending us this last month of their glorious gardens.  Thanks to Holly, Marianne, Mary, Chris and Ellie, Anna and Bill.  Read about them in our growing blogs or by browsing through our picture gallery.  Send us yours: don't be sheepish :) [yes that ewe is keeping an eye on what Mary's cockerels are up to]

Anna and Bill's gardenA sheep has appeared to watch visitors to Mary's garden
living sunshineTasty: Marianne's excellent fruits
Holly's gardenMarianne's more exotic fruits
Harvesting spuds at Ferney Lee old people's homeCOUNCIL BACKING -  This month has seen some major developments in our work with our local councils.  Our town council sent us a lovely letter of support.  And Calderdale Council signed our first 'community growing licence'.  This will we hope be the first of many - not just for us, and not just in Calderdale - a way that community groups can take over public land with the Council's agreement expressly to plant fruit and veg. 

Halifax goes HerbadaciousPLANTING, HARVESTING AND PLANTING AGAIN -  Meanwhile our volunteer work on public land around us goes on apace.  At Ferney Lee old people's home (pictured left) we harvested spuds and planted a new crop of marrows beetroot and radishes.  Check out the tale of the Italian lady resident who knows her radiccio.  The police station garden's now been planted Incredible Edible style: cop this.  (Sorry we couldn't resist the pun)   The wood B and Q gave us from their environmental awards has turned into planters for the Health Centre.  Timber!  (Enough of that, Ed)  People have been using herbs and leaves from our railway station planting.  And now Calderdale Council has (pictured right) put a pick-your-own herb garden in the middle of Halifax - more evidence of the ripples Incredible Edible sends out into the world, after years of local herb-growing by Tod in Bloom and by us.


LOTS OF VISITORS - Yes we've been in the News a bit this month.  If you're Yorkshire-based, did you see a little feature about us on Calendar?  If not, here's a compressed (so it's not too good a quality) video of it.  The Tod News has been kind to us with stories about remembering Malcolm Saville through the award of a cup at June's Tod Show (winner Marianne Sutcliffe, who wins the prize for two mentions in one newsletter!) and coverage of June's award-winning feats at the Sustainable Development Commission and the Yorkshire Markets awards, while the Halifax Courier kept an eye on reporting on the community growing licence. We've also been visited by national and international journalists - watch the coming months for features.  But we value too the organisations big and small who come to see us  - and we hope enjoy themselves - like Leeds Groundwork trust who toured with us for a day out.

Our local friends at SCOOP - Stop Contamination Of Our Paths - asked us to mention that they're meeting on Fielden Wharf at 8:30 Sunday 9 August.  Free organic breakfast afterwards!

Web highlights

We had a web day off we didn't mean to have in July.  Thanks to our webhoster Iain from for sorting it out.  Sorry to anyone who tried to visit the website that day, we think we've sorted out the problem now.

Our new Picture gallery now has over a thousand pictures.  And yours are very welcome.  Send us news and views about your support for Incredible Edible - or just about your garden.

Lots of people are using our  map of Incredible growing sites and Google map of local egg producers.  This month's new feature is a way of keeping track of the campaigning work, often behind the scenes or out of the news, that keeps Incredible edible ticking over and growing: see the diary of meetings greetings and hard graft.

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