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Here's our September 2009 bulletin.
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Who's that growing out of a tyre?
- Yes we can grow almost anything out of a tyre planter.  Including young Cid on the left.  Actually we hope he's the future of Incredible Edible Todmorden.  You have only to glance through our schools blogs to see the importance of the work going on in every Todmorden school - schools using spare land, pupils staff and parents growing veg and fruit and learning together.  We have high hopes for future work with the High School: read here about their plans for an environmental and land based studies diploma from 2011.  We're not just growing stuff; we want ideas to grow, training and education to grow, so that locally we can sustain ourselves and our children's lives and our economy can grow too.

Bees love leek headsBEES LOVE LEEKS  -  But we are still growing those flowers and fruit and veg too.  Read about Holly's digging up her spuds and relishing (no, not turning into relish) her first tomato of the season.  Or check out Chris and Ellie's reports of the glorious colours of late summer, including the flowers dotted among the vegetable rows, and the way the bees (pictured right) enjoy the leek flowers left to go to seed for next year's crop.

MEANWHILE, JUST BECAUSE THEY'RE ALL TALKING ABOUT US DOESN'T MEAN WE'RE PARANOID - Yes, if you haven't heard about Incredible Edible Todmorden in the news this month you must have been Christine, regular pickeron another planet.  It certainly wasn't safe just to go abroad, for not only did the Minneapolis Star Tribune have something to say about us, but Karla of the Washington Post took the trouble to come and visit us before writing her piece.  Food policy was a hot topic which is why George Alagiah mentioned us in his series, and ITN News at Ten came to see us: catch the film hereThe Guardian says people should move to Tod; Coventry recommends the example of IET to its residents and powers-that-be (so maybe we'll have to forgive them for moving us to Lancashire in their report); and the Mail on Sunday says Roll out the barrows: You don't need an allotment to grow your own!   (hey, where did you think we learnt to write our headlines?  The Morning Star?  - blimey, even they've mentioned us.)

Mary, visitor, pickingWHOSE LAND IS IT ANYWAY? - Actually, hats off to the Morning Star.  That's the issue they're discussing.  That's one of the key questions we want to ask.  Whose land is it anyway?  See Christine, left, picking herbs from one of our guerilla spots as she regularly does.  Or look at Mary, right, a visitor sampling the delights of Mary's propaganda garden.  They're seeing 'public' land and what grows on it in a different way.  How exciting is that?  - So we are proud of our posh and important visitors (who's that bloke down on the left more interested in a cheesy smile for
the camera than in talking about cheese?  Didn't he used to be in politics?)  But we're glad of them because they help spread the word to Christine and Mary and you cheesy smile from Micheal Portilloabout what we're doing.  And indeed about cheese - read here about a new local cheese, East Lee, created in Todmorden from organic milk produced on a local farm by a supporter of Incredible Edible Tod.

COME TO THE INCREDIBLE HARVEST FESTIVAL - There'll be some of that cheese at our second Harvest Festival.  It's on Sunday September 27th at Todmorden Unitarian Church.  Bring produce from 12:30 to 2:00.  Then enjoy yourself with us from 2 till 4.  Come early, last year over 100 turned up.  Schoolchildren all over Tod are making ready.  Our Helena and Nick will be back with us by then (they've been in France, but could we keep them quiet?  Mais non, naturellement.  Lisez, I mean read Nick's rambling Rumpole accounts of life and farming and growing there in his blogs here, here, here and here).  At the fest there'll be a fullupdate of where all our campaigns are up to, including news of the conference we hope to mount in November.  And there's a serious danger that you might espy your newsletter editor in an unfamiliar role, singing, if he can muster enough crazy singers to join him, about the Diggers, and potatoes, and Wangari Maathai.   She's the Kenyan Nobel peace prize winner who's dedicated herself to planting trees.  Sow the seed and it will be, one more tree to grace the earth - Wangari - Wangari!

Catch us too at the Tod Green Fair Sat-Sun 12-13 September.  And at the Tod Station Gala on Sun 20 September.
Be ready for our first national conference on Saturday November 14th in Todmorden.
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