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Here's our November 2009 bulletin.
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Saturday November 14th is the date of our first conference, right here in Tod at the High School.   Our own Pam and Mary will lead things off: other speakers will include Val Morris of Pennine Housing, Myles Bremner of Garden Organic and  Chris Shearlock of the Co-op.  You can still download and send in a form here (scroll down that page), or book online directly if you have a Paypal account.  But places are limited.  If you're sadly missing out, don't worry - in 2010 there'll be other conferences in different parts of the country to spread the Incredible Edible word.

Red rooster?SPOT THE REAL RED ROOSTER - Now when the Editor read about Red Red Roosters, he thought - well, what would you think?  Surely that must mean that animal on the left? -  no, the one on the head of Head Grower Nick, not Nick himself. 

the real red roostersHow wrong can you be?  Turns out it's those spuds on the right that are called red roosters.  Read here about how Incrediblers have grown them on the tops.  In the blog you can watch their transformation from raw redness to roasted rrrrr... - sorry, we couldn't find an alliterative ending, but they were tasty all rrrright.

TASTY MONEY  -  Good news on the awards and fund-raising front.  Zurich Community Trust (this is a link to our page about it) has awarded us £1200.  We were national finalists in the 'Action for Market Towns' awards - part of our continuing campaign to make IncrEdibleness a cornerstone of genuine local markets (so we're right behind the new 'totally locally' campaign in Calderdale, check their website here). And after another award of nearly £5k came from Lush, that man on the left has promised to wash behind his ears for ever with their stuff.  Well at least it won't have been tested on roosters. Just roisterers.
artichoke hearts
We do get asked quite a lot about money, how much we get and where it goes.  At the moment everyone's a volunteer and all our money goes on tools, materials and direct costs.  On the website we've just published our first year's accounts to February 2009 so you can see this for yourself.  And you can check out here the legal formats of the two limited companies we've set up to operate Incredible Edible in Todmorden, and in the wider world.

It is part of our long-term aims, though, to raise money and awareness for training, and to create local jobs in the food-production and -education chain.  Watch this space as things develop :)

THE HEART OF THE MATTER - The heart of our work is and always will be, though, growing local food - by volunteers or as a livelihood.   Like those artichoke hearts pictured on the right.  Read here about them and all the latest from the potting shed - peppers, squash, apples, chilis and those red red roosters.  Some guerilla gardeners are just doing it -  read here a blog about how some locals have done just that on a piece of open space in Hole Bottom (yes Todmorden does have some intriguing place names, our very own Unitarian Church is on Honey Hole Road y'know). 

wisley crabsLEARNING NEW STUFF - We're still keen to learn how others do things so we can apply the lessons.  Hence our visit to the Offshoots project's organic gardens in the grounds of Towneley Hall, Burnley where they specialise in permaculture.  This month we hosted a visit by lively primary school students and staff from Sunderland planning an Incredible-style project of their own.  Plus the BBC1 Country Tracks programme paid us a visit; Inside Housing reported on the terrific work at Incredible Edible Pennine Housing; and Spiked magazine helped push our message about the need for sustainability.

SECRET OF VEGETARIAN CRABS - See we haven't finished yet with the names that have confused us this month.  Helena's added to our Incredible recipes with a vegetarian Wisley crab cake.  Naturally we expected a decapod crustacean  But no - it's those yummy apples pictured on the left.  Wisley crab apples.  Keep up in the back.

AND DON'T FORGET THE PARKIN - Non-Yorkshire people may call it something else but we call it parkin: it warms up a cold bonfire night a treat.  Get a historical recipe here.  This is a very small taster for a whole new section of the website we'll be opening up next month, about the history of local growing, including local voices.  Stay tuned.

IT'S A PIG OF A JOB RAISING TURKEYS - And maybe vice versa.  Incrediblers have saddleback pigs and organic turkeys for sale, support your local producers here.  Or indeed, wherever you are.  Thanks as ever for your support.

If you need accommodation for the conference or can help with accommodation please email

Do stay in touch.  Email us at or phone 01706 815407.  We'll be back with a special post-conference edition in the middle of November.