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Conference feedback on the day

[Note: these remarks were written up on the wall on the day of the conference, and have been edited only to remove names and email addresses, and in one case to remove details that would identify an individual]

Have had a fantastic day – real food for thought! Wonder whether the development of a “tool kit” would provide a practical solution for areas wanting to copy your model (ideas, learning, sharing, best practice etc.) Looking forward to working with you in the future!

Best food at any conference I’ve ever been to. Fresh and tasty – Time to publish the IET cook book?

I am really inspired by Pennine Housing’s attitude to its tenants and the Food Growing initiative in Tod.

Brilliant. Thank you! I’ll take ideas etc to RMBC [from a councillor]

Comment via Twitter: “Had been wondering about some kind of eceo-themed archive project, oral history could be part of it?”

You’ve inspired me! Will be thinking of all the things I could do for this campaign/project!

How about a National IET Roadshow Team – who can go out and inspire local communities on a National, nay International level? PS You would have to bring your great catering team – make some cash from each bash!

Carry on tellin’ it like it is! What people can achieve when they are aware that they really are going to be facing a huge crisis in the future i.e. what are we all going to eat?? National self-sufficiency is top of the agenda for the next 2 decades probably.

We need to build an effective case (network) to convince National government.

Comment via Twitter: “Graveyards once used more like parks – why not treat them as useful in many ways? Will help full ones sustain”

Spread this idea to making things locally or at least in Britain – e.g. tools hweelbarrows, cooking utensils etc. Stop shipping things across the world.

What a fantastic achievement in such a short time. All of IET should be really proud of what they have done! Brilliant conference!!

It was fab. Nice and punchy and passionate. Wonderful food. Thank you.

Excellent conference – great ideas and enthusiasm from Staff and residents.

We need funding (proper £££) for paid workers / national major initiative to motivate and empower our poorest communities to grow their own.

Need stall to sell local produce (hope the market hasn’t closed before this finishes…)

Great food. Scatty chaotic anarchic on the surface but just beneath the surface – intelligent, savvy, tactical, – Brilliant people! I learned more than I ever expected, what very clever people you are! Thank you very much indeed!

I think IET has achieved an “incredible” amount in a very short time, but I also think we have to be honest about what is not happening – some of the challenges re local community and private sector engagement – so that we can be truly inclusive – get other people’s ideas and best practice and achieve even more.

Very interesting day – We have the basis of a similar scheme in Haworth which we need to expand on. This has been very helpful.

I’m inspired to start up a “Garden-Share” scheme. I work in an area where 50% of properties are terraced with small yards and 50% social housing with large gardens. Some residents with gardens have no interest or experience. But many without gardens have both experience and time. I’ll start with a forward-thinking landlord and local residents to throw around some ideas.

We are rather struggling with a small Garden-share scheme in Headingley, Leeds and the dynamic ‘we-can-do-it’ approach of IET is really what we need in our group. The ‘start small’ idea is very good.

After 11 years as a volunteer it’s a boost to see another group enthused. If we can link up the communities that are doing stuff and self-help support!

Brilliant and inspirational. Great vision and passion. Conference went well and was a lovely atmosphere. Workshops could have been more productive.

I feel there are barriers in the way when I feel I have an idea.

-I would love to get more involved and grow more but I have two small children, one being disabled. My garden is steep and not child-friendly. I would like to be involved in child/parent group growing activities – ideally at weekends when I can get more support with the children.
-I am involved in Calderdale Parent and Carers Council (for families with disabled children). There may be scope to do something together to help these families get involved.
-In my day job…– I may be able to offer some help on trying change national policies / spreading the word. Get in touch if you think I can be of use!

Inspirational, life-changing, just shows sometimes you got to ‘just do it’! Be great to get this happening everywhere.

Today has been so inspiring (if a little daunting!). Overwhelming positivity and feeling of potential and the power of community. Thank you!!

Very inspiring. Good to hear about doing rather than talking. I will download presentations to discuss with our LEA. In the meantime I’ll get started with some growing in the best location I can find.

Fairtrade drinks if possible next time.

I’ll go back to Preston and pass on information to all the reisdents I work with and hope they will start planting anywhere they can.

Very inspirational. Really good energy. Next steps…getting a local market gardening sector going…cooperative / private organisations putting a full range of food back into community…use Co-op to pump-prime food.

Thank you. Inspirational.

Firstly this has been an incredibly inspirational day and with som much positive energy it seems unstoppable! Thank you for an educational, thought-provoking day.

Think it’s been brilliant and inspirational. It’s confirmed for me that a couple of ideas I’d had (but as yet not put into action) can work, and has given me loads of ideas. Thanks for giving me the confidence! I know, get on with it! Only criticism – it took so long to get a drink – separate the two urns to make two queues?

Please let me know if any jobs come up in the TP dept of Pennine Hsng?!

Brilliant leadership.

I’m going home with greater resolve to ‘keep at it’ – good to know the cons even though it’s best to remain positive (workshop) – my motto: We’ll get there! – If only you could clone all your people’s charisma and marketing skills!

Thanks a lot. A very inspiring day. There are not many barriers it seems if you don’t need money and you are determined – it all makes sense. Did all the 60 original people stay on board?

Some of our RSL’s allow people to breed dogs in their back yards – but not chickens!

I fear we will have barriers put in place by some housing providers and by the LA legal and planning dept.

Thanks for fab day – my head’s full – too full for second workshop. I’ll be contacting local fire and police station, organising a local people survey, joining the Northern fruit group, organising an onion party – oh so much!

The energy and work ethic of the group is tremendous and a credit to you all. Very inspirational. A good day, much learned. The lunch was very nice too.

The enthusiasm for IET is infectious and the bit I found most inspiring is the ethos of ‘just do it’. Don’t worry about bureaucracy and don’t let people feel like they are victims because they don’t have space to grow. PS The food was incredible :)

Brilliantly inspiring. Packed with information that we can use and understand :)

Fantastic day and very inspirational. Impressed by the passion and commitment of all involved – hope we can replicate that in our area. Disappointed that coffee was nescafe and not fairtrade!

Public meeting to be held at Haslingden Library to gather together support for similar IE scheme in Rossendale. Wed 25h Nov 7:30 Haslingden Library.

Let’s all mobilise. Be aware of the Lisbon treaty, trans-national corporations and codex alimentarius aiming to scupper local food initiatives. Beware GM. “F*** the system”

The buzz makes it worth it.

Give Mary her own show (national TV!)

Fantabulous inspirational stuff…we want to get going in York and would like some guidance on the nitty-gritty…

Idea: co-ordinated garden swap! Gardens of working families cultivated by those not working or young people. Great day! Many thanks!

Twas good! Would be nice to do it in summer when everything in bloom / fruiting.

Really great conference meeting like-minded people, sharing ideas. Great enthusiasm. Thanks.