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2009 Conference visitors book

We hope you enjoyed our conference. Please use this space to leave your comments. We hope you’ll take into account that this is a public space accessible to all.

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what a great buzz

From mary clear · 14 November 2009, 21:52
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Gob smacked i be!

From Nick green · 15 November 2009, 22:12
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What a fantasitic event! communities sharing best prcatice and a do-able vision for the future.

From graeme perks · 16 November 2009, 11:52
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Dear Incredibles

Well done on your first event – what a success and what a turnout

you will be an inspiration to communities around the world – and i’ll be spreading some incredible spreadables around NZ (strong Transition movement who would love to hear about waht you’re doing)

thanks for all the hard work

i’d like to volunteer to help for your next event in London if you need help after 10th March

From Jenny · 16 November 2009, 18:03
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P.S. Conference presentations – I’d really like to see the Headmaster’s presentation too if possible? (Food Hub slide)

From Jenny · 16 November 2009, 18:32
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A fabulous day, full of energy and great sharing of ideas.

A copy of Patrick’s presentation would be good to use to spread the word in schools

Well done to all!

From Helena · 16 November 2009, 19:03
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Incredible indeed – thank you all so much for all contributing in your various ways – everyone enjoyed it so much. We need to share and learn from each other and with the community. Wonderful to have such feisty women headlining!

From Phoebe · 16 November 2009, 23:17
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Well done on organising a fantastic and inspiring conference. The efforts you have put into developing Incredible Edible is amazing.
I’m sure before long we will see many more towns, cities and schools involved in growing their own food.

From Simon Skidmore · 17 November 2009, 10:05
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The conference was absolutely wonderful, I’ve never seen so many people with so much energy. And the amount that has been achieved by such a small group is awe inspiring! I can’t wait to get involved!!

From Helen Fairley · 17 November 2009, 18:11
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Like a Todmorden version of ‘The Power of Community’ thanks to the passion energy and brilliant humour of some fantastic community folk. Plus tools to help us take our local authorities with us.

From Judith Quigley · 18 November 2009, 20:36
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We had a fantastic day with you in Tod and have taken your inspiration back to our community in Eastfield.
Would love to come back next year with more residents to be inspired like us.

From Chris Parsons and Graham Elliott · 20 November 2009, 10:05
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thank you so much, everyone involved, what a lovely, positive day. really good to know others are working hard to create a happy positive environment for us and our children. i’ll definetly use some ideas you’ve given me in my workshops around food and social exclusion.
well done! and look forward to next year.

From joe gregory · 24 November 2009, 09:24
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Thanks to all you great enthusiastic people who came to conference and brought your ideas to share wit us, what a great exchange of views we had in the workshops.
Do please keep posting here if you have any comments.

and in the words of Nick.
“look through the eyes of what is possibl, IS possible”.

From Estelle · 24 November 2009, 13:23
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Can do ethos is marvellous
This is what local leadership is about
Doing it without funding is such a powerful way of achieving on your own terms
No rules, no minutes, do it, take a risk, grab it
I have nothing but respect and admiration

From Susie Hay · 30 November 2009, 19:35