Fish Farm Frenzy

Posted: 28.09.08 by Fish Farm Aquaponics In wakefield

A Lottery bid is underway to fund an Aquaponics fish farm that will grow fish and vegetables together for the local community, as well as create new jobs and training opportunities for people in the town.

The Aquaponics facility will be housed in a series of greenhouses where nutrient rich fish waste is channelled in water from the fish tanks to hydroponic row beds fertilising water intensive plants such as water cress, courgettes, lettuce and strawberries in growing beds. The recycled water is then returned to the fish tanks clean and oxygenated. The fish farm will use cutting edge technology to breed fish in a healthy and sustainable way, with no smells or waste. The greenhouses will be heated with renewable energy.

Heres what it might look like

fantastic drawing by our own Chris Sherwin,to design of GBN.

What is Aquaponics?

There are some nice videos of aquaponics systems on YouTube. Heres one in Milwaukee in the U.S. thats similar to the system we will build.

Want to help?

There are loads of ways you can help us in our work. For more information click here. Or email Estelle.