Pam gets standing ovation at TED Salon

Posted: 12.05.12 by

Unseen Narratives

Pam spoke on Thursday at TED salon in London

Here is and excerpt from the Light house blog

The final talk was about a project that could be a solution for the ills Stuart spoke of. Pam Warhurst from Incredible Edible brought the house down with an extraordinary talk that spoke about the transformative power of community action. Warhurst and her fellow residents from the small English town of Todmorden have used using guerilla gardening to completely change their town’s attitude to food and the environment. Their example has created a growing global movement of urban vegetable growing, which extends as far as New Zealand, where Incredible Edible vegetable patches have popped up in earthquake devastated Christchurch. It was a rousing end to a brilliant evening, and Warhurst was rewarded with a rare and deserved standing ovation.
For the full article and more photos go to the Lighthouse website

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