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Digital snapshots of social history

Well dear reader our website has been snapped and frozen in time on that day for posterity. It’s a little bit scary to think our words will be out there for future generations to read.
I hope they laugh at us and think, why did they have to work so hard to to make a difference when today we just live that life, after all it was a no brainer.

Here is how we came to be archived
In July 2011 The National Archives, together with the Internet Memory Foundation, launched a web archiving pilot to address digital preservation issues for local government. ensuring key online information is preserved for the future.

Each local authority participating in the trial has selected three local websites to preserve.
In the case of the Wyas, these were the

Incredible Edible Todmorden and a community blogsite called The Culture Vulture.

For more information read all about it in the Guardian

A huge incredible thank you to Teresa of the Wyas for all her help and support

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