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Prince Charles hails Edible Todmorden project

Posted: 1.07.09 by

The Yorkshire Post article on the SDC breakthrough event

To read the full story in The Yorkshire Post follow the link

Some of our photos

J Porrit, A Prince and IET at SDC conference
J Porrit , The Prince , Mary and Pam.

Nik explaining Aquaponics to t'Prince

Nick explains the Aquaponic system.

The Prince was cool despite wearing a very warm looking suit in a hot building,he told us we are “quite cunning”, yes indeedy we are!!

our Pam gives it to the SDC
Pam giving it some.

We had a fantasic reception by the SDC audience who were all the big players in the sustainability world. Loads of great ideahs were presented, but ours is more than an ideah, its action, and it struck me we already incorporate many of the core concepts of the other proposed projects within IET.

IET were clearly the star of the show. (or at least untill our man turned up!) which goes to show the power of simple ideahs applied with passion. Nick

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