Incredible Westmount Montreal, 44 city planters

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Incredibles in Westmount Montreal

Remember our incredible cousins in Montreal, well they have been really busy since that picture was taken a year ago 44 planters busy to be precise.

An excerpt from their website says…
The city has expanded its edible planting to include Victoria Avenue.
Westmount Public Works has expanded its edible planter project from 6 sidewalk containers in 2010 to 44 this year, not counting the large plantations at seating area of Sherbrooke and Prince Albert. Passersby might already have sampled the ripe strawberries and basil on Victoria Avenue’s sidewalk containers or admired the budding sunflowers and green peppers along Sherbrooke Street.

Inspired by community efforts in Todmorden, U.K., Marci Babineau of Westmount Horticulture proposed using edible plants on a section of Sherbrooke Street last year. Claudette Savaria, Westmount’s horticulturist, had used kale, chard, parsley and other greens as decorative elements in flower beds for years, but the sidewalk planters had not been used this way before. A local elementary school also took part by planting a vegetable garden and asking permission to use the City’s nearby street containers.

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We think these guys are simply INCREDIBLE!

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