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Safeguarding Policy & Guidance for Officers and Volunteers


We have a responsibility as a community group to safeguard the welfare of all children and vulnerable adults involved in any aspect of our organisation by protecting them from harm as far as possible.
Everybody involved with Incredible Edible Todmorden must, therefore follow this policy to keep children and others safe and, where appropriate, seek guidance as indicated if they have concerns about a child/children or vulnerable adults.
Organising or participating in an IET activity
• Activity leaders will ensure all children under 16 are accompanied by an adult who takes prime responsibility for supervising them and ensuring their safety around hazards such as tools, waterways and harmful plants
• All adults involved in an activity will keep a careful eye out where children or vulnerable adults are around to ensure they do not come to harm accidentally or otherwise
• All tools and equipment will be used carefully to ensure no-one is put at risk through careless or dangerous use
• Always respect the rights and feelings of those around you, especially children and
vulnerable adults
• Always take reasonable steps to protect children and vulnerable adults from all sources and types of harm
• Do not not behave in any way that might harm, distress or frighten anybody you are working with
• If you have any reason to be concerned that a child or vulnerable adult may be suffering abuse, inform the IET safeguarding lead or the activity leader (who will inform the safeguarding lead). Do not try to investigate the matter yourself.
• The safeguarding lead will, where appropriate, refer such concerns to the local authority children’s services for assessment
Implementing this policy
All IET officers and volunteers will be made aware of this policy and their responsibilities under it. The IET safeguarding lead is currently Judy Audaer.
March 2017

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